Fortune – Short Story

“The creative adult is the child who survived”
Julian F. Fleron

My first published short story ‘Fortune’ is now live on The Bohemyth Magazine!

The story is loosely based around my childhood growing up in Nigeria, where I gained insights into the dynamics of gender bias with the domestic family space, especially in a traditional Nigerian home.

Enjoy reading and share your thoughts!

Fortune: The Bohemyth Magazine


The sky was a smoldering pot of heat as I watched Fortune’s mother lift his open head off the scorched pavement. It was one of those dull Saturday afternoons, where if you were not playing or working you simply sat and watched the thirsty sky suck up the large puddles of dirty water that dotted the streets, one at a time. Fortune had not been playing or working and he never watched the sky.

My mother spoke to my brother in a cool calm voice, repeating the same words, ‘Fortune, get up now’ her tone was persuasive, though her eyes were pleading: ‘I will kill you before you kill me.’ I read the words from her lips. I could not hear her over the avalanche of noise around me. Her jaws were slack and her lips—I had only known them as two flints in a stone jaw because she…

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