Mental Wealth Digital Project

In honor of World Mental Health Day, I am launching the ‘Mental Wealth Digital Project’.

I want to use this platform to raise awareness about the issue of mental health among young people in Ireland, and to connect with other like-minded individuals, projects, and organizations.

I am seeking guest contributors who write, speak, perform, or make artwork around the theme of mental health. I am calling out to anyone who has a story, poem or a useful tip to share which promotes positive mental health.

I would love to showcase your work on the unimaginable things blog to encourage us all in our “mental-wealth” journey.

Please feel free to contact me through the about me page.

“Mental Wealth” is a term I have begun using to describe a specific emotional state. Just as we may inquire about a person’s financial state, and conclude that their circumstances are one of wealth, stability or poverty. combination of external and internal mental health resources and interventions. We can culmination of psychological therapies and personal emotional techniques that enable an individual to manage their mental health, and maintain a balanced state of mental well-being, and to have the ability to manage unforeseen psychological crises.

According to UNICEF Ireland, Ireland has a disproportionate rate of suicides among high-income countries, the fourth-highest to be precise.

Clearly, Ireland has a serious youth mental health issues that can have detrimental effects on the Irish population and economy.

That is why some commercial and non–profit organizations are waking up and taking on the challenge of understanding and trying to deliver solutions to resolve the imminent social issue.

I published a series of articles on the topic of mental wellbeing for BYOS, a Dublin-based brand founded by the jewelry designer and social entrepreneur Melissa Curry.

The How To: Connecting Mind Body & Spirit series is a digital guide to mental well-being for young people.

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I know firsthand how mentally stressful and emotionally debilitating mental health issues can be, and the negative impacts it can have on one’s personal and professional life. I know the daily struggle, but I also know how to cope. I learn how to use my body as a soother–a sort of self-care kit–to settle my restless and raucous mind. And I learn how to be aware of negatives thoughts, to apprehend and accept those thoughts through various thought-appraisal techniques. I learn something new every day, a new tip, tool or technique because the path to mental wealth and well being is a continual learning experience.

It is important to accept that the process of managing one’s mental health does not lead to perfect mental health, but rather to the individual having a wealth of experiences and resources to maintain their mind and body.

My own experience and knowledge of mindfulness tools and positive mental health strategies, following my study of mindfulness and compassion-based interventions at the Universitry of Amsterdam (as part of the U21 Summer School Scholarship Graduate Programme), has led me to create this project to address the emotional challenges young people face in daily life.

Mental health is a personal and important issue for me.  I love being able to share offline and online resources, personal experiences, and encouragement through research and creative narratives.

My goal is to connect and collaborate with other writers, artists, mental-health advocates and organizations contributing to promoting youth mental well-being.

You can read my work with BYOS at the link below.



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