BYOS x JIGSAW – Freelance Project

My freelance copywriting project at BYOS – How To: Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

During my internship at BYOS, I created the HOW TO: Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit series, a digital guide to mental well-being for young people growing up in the social media era.


I planned and published the HOW TO series as part of the BYOS corporate social responsibility initiative. The HOW TO series is a portfolio of health and lifestyle articles on mental wellbeing for BYOS by Melissa Curry, a Dublin-based social enterprise. It was a great learning experience. I enjoyed being part of such a socially conscious brand and helping to achieve part of the BYOS vision of corporate social responsibility.

BYOS – an acronym for Be Your Own Self – is a jewelry brand and unique gifting platform that supports human adversity and promotes success. BYOS has partnered with JIGSAW-The National Centre for Youth Mental Health. The charity is working to raise awareness about youth mental health and to address young people’s emotional struggle. BYOS donates €1 for every purchase from their New Success Collection.

I am very passionate about the HOW TO: Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit series.

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I know firsthand how mentally stressful and emotionally debilitating mental health issues can be, and the negative impacts it can have on one’s personal and professional life. I know the daily struggle, but I also know how to cope. I have learned how to treat my body as a self-care kit to settle my restless mind; I have learned how to be aware of negatives thoughts, to apprehend and accept those thoughts through various thought-appraisal techniques.

I learn something new every day: a new tip, tool or technique because the path to Mental Wealth and well being is a continual learning experience.

It is important to accept that the process of managing one’s mental health does not lead to perfect mental health, but rather to the individual having a wealth of experiences and resources to maintain their mind and body.

Because of my own experience, interests, and knowledge of mindfulness and compassion-based interventions (from the University of Amsterdam Graduate Programme), I aim to highlight and address the emotional challenges young people go through in daily life. Mental health is an extremely personal and important issue for me.  I love being able to share available resources, personal experiences, and encouragement through my research and writing.

I hope to connect and collaborate with other writers, creatives, mental health advocates and organizations doing great work to promote youth mental wellness. I started The Mental Wealth Digital Project to use the unimaginable things blog as a platform for collaborative work and thinking around positive mental health.

You can read my work with BYOS at the link below ⇓


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